20/20 Vision

Missions at Decatur Baptist is more than a couple of offerings a year. It is a daily commitment as a church to God’s Great Commission to be on mission with a vision and a biblical strategy to take the gospel to the world.
It is the foundation upon which we exist and do ministry as a church. It begins in our own Jerusalem (the Decatur area, surrounding counties and state). It extends to our Judea (our nation). It continues into Samaria (North, Central and South America). Our final destination and goal are the ends of the earth (every country and continent).

Our 15-Year Plan

  1. 24 DBC members serving as missionaries. Minimum two-year projects.
  2. Participate in a mission work or project in all 50 states. Camps, Church Plants, Discipleship, Construction, Etc.
  3. Plant 75 churches in U.S.A by partnering with N.A.M.B. and other churches/church planting agencies.
  4. Plant one church in each of Canada's 3 major cities by partnering with N.A.M.B. and other churches/church planting agencies in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.
  5. Engage in reaching two people groups - The Kurds (40,000,000), The Maithili (34,700,000) by partnering with churches and other agencies with a goal of planting 20,000 house churches.
  6. Plant/Birth 6000 churches outside North America in cooperation with our partnering missionaries; Samaria 1,000 churches; Ends of the Earth 5,000 churches.
  7. Participate in the support of I.M.B. efforts/strategies for Global Missions.